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Websites, technology systems, innovative business solutions.

We've done a little bit of everything, including but not limited to: websites, sprawling custom software systems, setting up online food ordering for restaurants, installing security camera systems, routing network cables through buildings, advertising ideas and distribution, point-of-sale systems, and ATM installations and processing.

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We've built many websites ranging from simple, one-page setups, to custom functionality like our advertising network or flashcard site. Depending on the technologies involved, we generally charge around $40/hour.

Tech Solutions

We've installed POS systems, camera systems, networks. We learned all of this at our liquor store, and have since done projects like this for other businesses. We charge for work like this on a per-project basis, and we usually give advice for free, even if you don't choose to hire us.


Orginally just web design, we've since had to develop our creative sides making advertisements for our ad network. View our advertisment gallery and contact us to get started. This price is also on a per-project basis.

About us

We are two entrepreneurs based out of Milwaukee. Robert attended UWM before taking a more hands-on approach to business by taking over Mid City Liquor. He has since learned many skills by taking a DIY approach to almost every problem. Chris studied Computer Science at UW Madison and cofounded a software development firm with a friend from the computer science department. He left that company and briefly worked as a programmer before moving to Milwaukee and partnering with Robert to work on all of the projects listed below.


Mid City Liquor

A liquor store on the north side of Milwaukee taken over by Robert in late 2012. He immediately started making improvements and building relationships in the community. Chris joined in that venture in 2014. Through physical and technological improvements, sales are up over 200% since the beginning. Inventory management, a point of sale system, and an enhanced security camera system are just a few of the improvements that have been made at the store.

Argis ATM Network

Purchasing our own ATM for the liquor store was one of the best decisions we've ever made, and we're always looking to own/operate more ATMs around the city. We can be any or all parts of the ATM operation including ownership, cashing services, and processing. Let us know how we can help.

Mold Supplies, Inc.

Mold Supplies, Inc. is a tool and die company in Richfield, WI. They wanted a place to list information about their company, the lines they carry, promotions, and closeouts. This website is built in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Flashkit is one of the more complicated websites we've made. It's an online flashcard tool geared towards long-term learning. Chris originally made it to learn German vocabulary, but we and our friends use it for other things like geography, history, and mental math as well.

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Argis Development

The website you're currently on is for Argis Development. It's a place to list the services we can offer businesses in the area. In addition to our own projects, we've made websites for PJ Remodeling, Mold Supplies, Inc., and our Toastmasters Club Website. We also set up an online ordering system for Chopstix, a Chinese restaurant in Milwaukee.

PJ Remodeling

PJ Remodeling is a contracting business from Kewaskum, WI. They wanted a web presence and a listing of the types of jobs they do. PJ Remodeling is built in PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript

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Argis Advertising

Our original project, this is a digital place-based advertising network around the city of Milwaukee. We install displays in high-traffic areas and sell advertising space. In open areas such as bars or fitness centers, we mount TVs in high-visiblity spots. This doesn't work everywhere however, as bathrooms tend to be a great place to advertise. We have someone's undivided attention, but we had to come up with a solution to prevent damage. Using the Raspberry Pi, a custom-manufactured steel case with tempered glass protector, LCD panels and drivers sourced from overseas, we were able to create a cheap, nearly-indestructible display. Our network currently has 18 displays in 8 locations, and reaches 55,000 people per month. The backend is built in PHP and MySQL. The website is built in PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The client program on the raspberry pi is built in PHP, MySQL, HTML, and some shell scripts.

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